Saturday 23 September 2017

Loose Ends...

As it happens, I've missed you and I hope you've missed me.

Since I've always told it as I see it, I will do so now... but if you don't fancy what that might bring - Goodbye and God Bless You.

First of all, this business of dying - it's boring. Energy levels, too little to tap a screen; and the guru, too busy to put down his phone. Somewhere, someone is making disproportionate decisions about the disposition of my gorgeous, comfortable, sleep-confirming double bed. And I'm helpless to intervene. Be warned! Delicate decisions and activities which don't require articles have to be arranged well in advance.

Be prepared for loneliness, homesickness and all that stiff-upper-lip rubbish.

If you have a raison-d'etre to keep going, do so gracefully if only you know how. I'm reminded of a story fifty years old... Of the fiftieth birthday party of a passionate Non-Believer, whose wife was an equally Passionate Believer. They spent many, many rich hours discussing the viability of God's existence. This birthday party was adressed by the wife's minister, listing all the admirable and amazing qualities of the birthday boy, culminating in the following: God, if you exist, bless Erik Erikkson, if he exists.

God Bless You All, if you exist.

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Humphrey said...

Wow Liz, 298 posts going all the way back to 2008. 298 wonderful, delightful commentaries from that clever brain of yours. I just want to say 'Thank you'. We recently lost our daughter and though it is the most heartbreaking thing to lose somebody that you love with all your heart, the very best explanation that I had - from a man of God but an incredibly open minded man - was that she was going through a doorway and not coming to an end. I choose to believe that. Much love, Humphrey x