Sunday 23 November 2008


Have you noticed the longer you stop doing something - jogging, pilates, dieting, not drinking, blogging - how hard it is to start again? Well then, you understand my predicament. Do you agree we say no more about it and get on with now and the fact that I am back? I am not at all sanguine that I haven't lost you all but I can only hope.

In the interim, life at 75goingon40 has been more of the same: some worse, some better. Sadly, I am no more accustomed to the dictates (I think I mean restraints) of my elderly body than I was when you last heard, but I have discovered a few more of the advantages. I have a Blue Badge, (makes parking easier for the disabled, if you not in the UK and are not familiar with such things). I found out yesterday, that I, therefore, qualify for 50% discount on some opera tickets! Imagine! Mind you, that doesn't make going to the opera cheaper, only more frequent. I found out while I was booking a ticket for one of my favourites, The Tales of Hoffman, but, of course, an application would take two weeks to process so I had to pay 100% for that one. I shall enjoy it, knowing I never have to pay that much again.

Talking about entertainment, there is a plan to go to a play about Edith Piaf. At my great age I have been able to decide that she is, in fact, my all-time favourite ballad singer, even above Neil Diamond and What'sisname Sinatra. I said to the proposer of this outing, a man about 40, I guess, "being so much older than you, I can say I have actually heard her in the flesh." "Oh really," he came back, with envy. "Did you see Evita?" This was a musical the lass playing Piaf had had great success in some years ago. "No," quoth I, "I mean your actual Edith Piaf, herself ". Oops, potential for red faces but all was well because I know how hard it is for the younger to imagine himself in to the life of the older, and he would know I could take it.

It may not surprise you, in regard to the opera, that the story of a man who falls in love with several women, each of whom represents a particular aspect of womanhood would fascinate me. It seems to me in real life that that works well for many men: Mother and Mistress, not always accommodatable in one woman. (shall I discuss how it works for women another time?). Anyway, that won't be for a few weeks and in the meantime, I am preparing for Christmas. It can be a logistic nightmare so I am making sure to do all possible in advance. Cat food, logs, cleaning materials, none of those goes off, nor does wine, of course, nor beer. All those can be dealt with, ordered or bought in now so that there is more time available for the last minute inevitable crisis.

You may be wondering why I called this blog Interventions. Well, I had intended to tell you some of the reasons why I have been gone so long. I may still, but not in this one because I have run out of blogging time, so, please, don't go away. My name is Liz. I am a recovering not- follower-through, so I need your support. (By the way, do take the recovering thing seriously)
See you soon.

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